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World Trade Center Palm Beach (WTCPB)


The World Trade Center Palm Beach (WTCPB) is all about bringing international business to Palm Beach and its neighbors. The mission of the WTCPB is to assist Florida businesses and industries to successfully compete for trade and investment opportunities in the global market place.

I am proud to be a partner of the WTCPB and to provide webinars and articles to their audience about international business, communication skills, and intercultural competence.

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ICQ/ Global DISC Licensed Partner


I have always been an advocate of the idea that our behavior depends on our personality (nature), the culture(s) we have been exposed to (nurture), and the situation we are facing (circumstances). Csaba Toth’s ‘Uncommon Mindset’ approach and Global DISC are perfect reflections of this idea and tools I use as a language teacher, intercultural coach, and communication skills trainer. I am a licensed partner of ICQ.

Uncommon Mindset is the ability to see a situation from multiple perspectives and flex our behavior so we can be competent and confident in most situations. It is not simply the knowledge of statistically average national traits, but the application of the blueprint of why people think and behave differently and the skills to turn those differences into synergy instead of painful liability.

Global DISC is an ICF accredited, multi award-winning behavioral model explaining how personality type AND cultural background influence all three layers of our identity, what, how, and why we do act, feel, and think the way we do.

Using the ‘Uncommon Mindset’ approach and Global DISC allows me to give clients a practical and uncomplicated yet holistic solution to unlock their individual and group potential in business and in daily life. The ‘Uncommon Mindset’ approach and Global DISC have a proven track record of benefiting individuals, teams, organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and national governments.

Richard Lewis Communications

Richard Lewis Communications

CrossCulture is a division of Richard Lewis Communications, founded by Richard D. Lewis – one of Britain’s foremost linguists. He also brought Berlitz to East Asia, Portugal and Finland and spent several years in Japan, where he personally tutored Empress Michiko and five other Japanese Imperial Family members. Richard D. Lewis is the creator of the Lewis Model, which is one of the main models used in intercultural training, and he is the author of ‘When Cultures Collide’ and ‘Fish Can’t See Water’.

“The successful managers of the 21st century will be the culturally-competent ones.”
Richard D. Lewis

In October 2019, I attended one of Richard D. Lewis’ train-the-trainer workshops at Riversdown House in England conducted by Michael Gates and subsequently became a Licensed Partner of Richard Lewis Communications. I am also licensed to use Richard Lewis’ intercultural profiling software CultureActive.

Luisa Language Teaching & Tutoring
Italian & Japanese

Luisa Language Teaching & Tutoring

Luisa Language Teaching & Tutoring offers online training in Italian and Japanese. Lessons are available Monday through Saturday, from 7 am to 10.30 pm Eastern Time. All courses are planned and taught by Venice-born Luisa Montagner, a dedicated professional and language enthusiast based in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Luisa LT&T’s first and primary objective is to create tailored courses that can be adapted to the specific needs of each learner. Luisa’s students include people of all ages and backgrounds. To assure that all requests and targets are met, all applicants are offered a free consultation combined with a preliminary questionnaire.

Luisa is qualified to prepare students for language certification exams such as CELI and JLPT and offers personal insights on military relocations. As to be expected from a well-rounded course, Luisa’s lessons do not focus solely on the language: cultural insights on local customs, cultural values, geography, cuisine, holidays and festivals, current events and much more are included in the program.

Luisa holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching and promoting the Italian language and culture to foreigners and a Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese studies from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. She also completed an Italian language teaching internship at Old Dominion University, VA, in June 2019 and worked for the prestigious Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute in Tokyo, Japan, until September 2018. Moreover, Luisa studied and worked at Yokohama National University from September 2016 to August 2017.

For more information about Luisa, her courses, testimonials and feedback from her many students and clients, visit her website: www.luisalanguageteaching.com.

Luisa Language Teaching & Tutoring offre corsi online di italiano e giapponese. E’ possibile prenotare lezioni dal lunedì al sabato, dalle 7 alle 22.30 (GMT-4). Tutti i corsi sono organizzati e offerti da Luisa Montagner, professionista scrupolosa e appassionata di linguistica originaria di Venezia e attualmente residente negli Stati Uniti.

L’obiettivo primario di Luisa LT&T è di creare corsi personalizzati che meglio si adattino alle esigenze specifiche di ciascuno studente; i clienti di Luisa LT&T includono persone di ogni età e background. Per assicurare che tutte le richieste e gli obiettivi siano adempiuti, a tutti i richiedenti viene offerta una consulenza gratuita abbinata ad un questionario preliminare da completare.

Luisa possiede le certificazioni e le competenze necessarie per preparare gli studenti a sostenere esami di certificazione quali CELI e JLPT. Come ci si può aspettare da un corso di lingua completo e ben sviluppato, le lezioni di Luisa non si concentrano solo sulla lingua: approfondimenti culturali sui costumi locali, valori culturali, geografia, cucina, festività e attualità sono argomenti regolarmente trattati nel programma.

Luisa ha Master in Didattica e Promozione della Lingua e Cultura Italiane a stranieri, e una laurea triennale in Lingua e Cultura Giapponese dell’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia. Ha inoltre completato un tirocinio per l’insegnamento dell’italiano presso Old
Dominion University (Virginia, USA) in giugno 2019, e ha lavorato presso il prestigioso Istituto di Lingua Giapponese di Shinjuku a Tokyo fino a settembre 2019. Infine, Luisa ha preso parte ad un programma di scambio della durata di un anno presso Yokohama National University (Giappone) da settembre 2016 ad agosto 2017.

Per maggiori informazioni riguardo Luisa, i suoi corsi, i testimonial, feedback di studenti e clienti, vi incoraggio a visitare il sito www.luisalanguageteaching.com.

All about Spanish!

Moraima Márquez Zerpa
Consultant in Spanish Intercultural Communication

I strongly believe that the quest for knowledge and the ability to learn are some of the most fascinating traits of our species: homo sapiens, humans who want to know. Education is such a powerful tool, i.e. we can have a better life, if we get the appropriate knowledge to attain our goals.

I am deeply committed to education, and I have been teaching and studying for most of my life. In addition to a Certificate of Teaching Spanish as a Second or Foreign Language, I hold a PHD in Humanities, a Masters in Comparative Literature, a Bachelor’s in Literature and a Bachelor’s in Communication.

As a Consultant in Spanish Intercultural Communication, I am passionate about everything related to the language and culture that I know so well. Not only can I help my clients learn Spanish but also understand the cultural peculiarities, the wide diversity of the Spanish-speaking countries (more than 20!), their customs, and the subtleties that can make a vital difference in my clients’ businesses or personal relationships.

I also teach English to Spanish speakers. I have studied several languages and can put myself in the shoes of someone who is trying to communicate in a foreign language, who feels the frustration of not being able to remember, who fears being ridiculed, or who thinks they are too old to even start learning something new. So, while teaching, I always keep in mind what it feels like to be a student. This way, I can help people coming from a Spanish language background understand the American culture and gain enough confidence to communicate in the most essential situations of daily life. Moreover, I have been successful in helping beginner-level English students to pass the U.S. citizenship test.

Thanks to many years of experience teaching people of different ages and cultural backgrounds, I am convinced that not the teacher, but the student should be at the center of the learning process. That means that I adapt my methods to the client’s needs to make my classes more productive. This is important because, obviously, individuals are different from one another, and even the same person can have diverse requirements depending on their situation at the time. Therefore, I work closely with all my students to identify their goals and choose the best method to achieve them.

Estoy convencida de que la búsqueda de conocimiento y la habilidad para aprender son algunos de los rasgos más fascinantes de nuestra especie: homo sapiens, humanos que quieren saber. La educación es una herramienta poderosa, ya que con ella podemos tener una mejor vida si obtenemos el entrenamiento adecuado para alcanzar nuestras metas.

Estoy profundamente comprometida con la educación y he estado enseñando y estudiando durante la mayor parte de mi vida. Además de un Diploma en didáctica para la enseñanza de español como segunda lengua o lengua extranjera, poseo un Doctorado en Humanidades, una Maestría en Literatura Comparada, una Licenciatura en Letras y una Licenciatura en Comunicación Social.

Trabajo como consultora en comunicación intercultural en español porque me apasiona todo lo relacionado con la lengua y la cultura que tan bien conozco. No solo puedo ayudar a mis clientes a aprender español, sino también a entender las peculiaridades y la amplia diversidad de los países hispanohablantes (¡más de 20!), sus costumbres y las sutilezas que pueden significar una diferencia vital en los negocios o las relaciones personales de mis clientes.

También enseño inglés de nivel básico e intermedio a hablantes de origen hispano. He estudiado varios idiomas y puedo ponerme en el lugar de alguien que intenta comunicarse en una lengua extranjera, que siente la frustración de no poder recordar lo que debe decir, que teme hacer el ridículo o piensa que es muy viejo como para empezar a aprender algo nuevo. Por eso, como profesora, siempre tengo presente lo que se siente al ser un estudiante. De esta manera puedo ayudar a quienes vienen de un ambiente donde se habla español a empezar a comprender la cultura estadounidense y conseguir la confianza necesaria para comunicarse en las situaciones esenciales de la vida diaria. Más aún, he logrado ayudar a estudiantes de inglés básico a superar el examen requerido para obtener la ciudadanía de Estados Unidos.

Debido a que tengo muchos años de experiencia enseñando a personas de diferentes edades y culturas, estoy convencida de que no es el profesor, sino el estudiante, quien debe ocupar el centro en el proceso de aprendizaje. Es por lo que adapto mis métodos a las necesidades de cada cliente, con el fin de hacer las clases más productivas. Esto es importante porque, obviamente, los individuos son distintos entre sí, e incluso la misma persona puede tener diversos requerimientos de acuerdo con su situación en un momento dado. En consecuencia, trabajo con cada uno de mis estudiantes para identificar sus metas y escoger el mejor método para alcanzarlas.

Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative (HEI Florida)


The Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative (HEI Florida) empowers the South Florida Hispanic Entrepreneur community through training and coaching programs, to increase their odds of sustainable business success in the US, and to optimize the quality and length of their learning cycle as business owners.

We help create a vibrant and thriving new generation of Hispanic entrepreneurs that is able to understand and conduct sustainable business, and to better reach insight within the US market while supporting job creation in our community, which means a direct and indirect positive economic impact in South Florida Region. HEI also contributes to give visibility to our Sponsors, as we help them achieve their Social responsibility , Community engagement and Diversity and Inclusion goals.

La Iniciativa de Empresarios Hispanos (HEI Florida) empodera a la comunidad de emprendedores Hispanos del Sur de la Florida a través de programas de adiestramiento y coaching, para aumentas las probabilidades de crear negocios sustentables en los Estados Unidos, y optimizar el tiempo y cualidad del ciclo de aprendizaje como empresarios.

Ayudamos a crear una nueva generación de empresarios Hispanos, vibrante y exitosa y capaz de entender y conducir negocios sustentables , siendo capaz de tener un mejor alcance en el mercado Americano, siendo una fuente de empleo en la comunidad. Esto significa un impacto económico positivo, directo e indirecto en el Sur de la Florida. HEI también contribuye a dar visibilidad a nuestros sponsors mientras los ayudamos a alcanzar sus metas de Responsabilidad Social, Alcance Comunitario y Diversidad e Inclusión.

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