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How to apply for a Job in the EU

Watch the recording of this FIU event on cultural differences, resume writing, and interviews

I was invited to be a speaker on a panel of experts to talk about intercultural communication, pitfalls of cross-cultural commuinication with Germans, and tips and tricks for the application process in Germany including resume writing and interviewing.

I was joined by two more experts, Annabel Endo (Spain) and Stefano Vetralla (Italy), to share their insights as well as our moderator, Nelly Leon (USA), for a lively discussion. You can watch the recording of this event on the FIU website or directly on YouTube:




Recording of my Webinar

Doing Business in Germany and Communicating Successfully with Germans


Germany is an important trading partner for the US. Many companies headquartered in Germany have subsidiaries in the US and vice versa. After China and the United States, Germany is the world’s third-largest exporter and its highly developed social market economy makes it the largest consumer market in the European Union with a population of just over 83 million as of Jan. 1st, 2021. However, there are pitfalls of doing business with Germany ranging from EU restrictions, different environmental standards, and lengthy bureaucratic processes to linguistic challenges and cultural differences.

Learn more about Germany, German language and culture, and how to do business and communicate effectively with your German business partners and colleagues. Also learn how to build intercultural competence and thrive in a global business environment.

This webinar was organized by the GABC (German American Business Chamber) in Miami. Watch the recording on their YouTube channel:



Recording of my Webinar

Benefits of Diverse Teams and How to Manage Them Well

Diversity – one of the top 10 buzzwords today. Everyone wants it, but very few really understand what this means, how to deal with ‘diversity and inclusion’, and how to really benefit from having a diverse team or staff. The visual representation of diversity on the surface does not provide any advantages other than a ‘photo-op’ for an image campaign, which might even backfire. The true advantages of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) can only be achieved by what I call “living and breathing the lifestyle of DEI” and the attitude of “do it like you mean it”. This is a long journey that requires a lot of effort and commitment, but it is well worth it. According to two McKinsey reports, ‘Why Diversity Matters’ (2015) and ‘Delivering through Diversity’ (2018), diverse companies and teams that manage their diversity well consistently show increased profits, more creativity and innovation, better customer insight, more objectivity and less cognitive bias, higher level of employee satisfaction, a boost in recognition, value, and global image, and a higher success rate in employee retention and attracting new talent.



While well-managed diverse teams are the highest performing teams, poorly-managed diverse teams show the worst performance. So, what can managers do to reap the benefits of their diverse teams and how can they build successful diverse teams from scratch?



If you want to learn more about this topic, watch the recording of my webinar in collaboration with the World Trade Center Palm Beach.




Intensive Online German Beginners Course

by Renata Urban

  • Do you want to learn German?
  • Do you have very little or no previous knowledge?
  • Would you like to catch up over the summer to join my free German online beginners course on Meetup after the summer that has been running since January? (this course has now become too difficult for absolute beginners)
  • Can you commit to 3 hours a week (Tuesdays: 5:00 – 6:30pm EDT and Saturdays, 4:00 – 5:30pm EDT)?

 If you said yes, sign up for my intensive summer course:

  • 3 months (12 weeks) starting on Tuesday, July 6th (ends on September 25th)
  • 36 hours of online lessons on Zoom (24 sessions à 1.5 hours)
  • including training materials (PDFs by email), review and Q&A sessions, and interactive breakout room activities
  • including tests after each unit and a final certificate of participation

$499 per person


Contact me directly to arrange your own mini group course or to book one-on-one lessons!


3-day Webinar – Watch the Recordings

Communicating successfully across cultures: 3 days – 3 trainers – 3 perspectives

by Renata Urban (the West), Sameeh Gadallah (the Middle East), and Kirtika van Hunen (the East)

This 3-day webinar series provided a unique insight into intercultural communication from three different perspectives. Country-specific training or cross-cultural communication training often focuses on one particular country (host country) from the perspective of one country (home country). This gives a very limited perspective, whereas intercultural competence training provides an enlarged comfort zone and a wider perspective for successfully doing business abroad and effectively interacting with others.

Watch PART 1 of the webinar series (Renata Urban – the West) here:


Watch PART 2 of the webinar series (Sameeh Gadallah – The Middle East) here:


Watch PART 3 of the webinar series (Kirtika van Hunen – The East) here:


Watch the interview

Intercultural Communication for Brazilian and Hispanic Entrepreneurs in the US 

Watch the recording of my presentation for https://brazilianbeat.us and my interview with Suzanne Thorson, Mary Sol Gonzalez with https://www.heiflorida.org, and Aloysio Vasconcellos. Thank you for inviting me, Suzanne! What a pleasure to speak with you and the other panelists.


Recording of my Webinar

Doing Business in Germany and Communicating Successfully with Germans 

by Renata Urban

German communication style, leadership style, preferred way of presenting, negotiating and problem-solving, their need for privacy, space, and consensus, their desire for formality and following rules, their love for knowledge and details, and their need to take things seriously can easily derail business negotiations when you come unprepared.

I covered many aspects of “Doing Business in Germany and Communicating Successfully with Germans” as well as developing intercultural competence to communicate more successfully across cultures.

Read my article on this topic here:


Watch the recording here:


Recording of my Webinar

Master Cross-cultural Communication When Doing Business in the Middle East 

by Renata Urban

Did you miss my webinar? The recording is now available online:

Cross-cultural training for a particular country and general intercultural awareness and competence training to effectively communicate with others can help you avoid pitfalls and increase your success rate of doing business across borders and cultures.
This webinar focuses on intercultural communication when doing business in the Middle East. The purpose of this event in collaboration with the WTCPB was to explore culture, cultural perception, and intercultural communication in general as well as discuss examples and practical applications of concepts of intercultural communication for doing business and communicating successfully in the Middle East in a dialogue with my special guest, Rose Sager, the Trade Representative at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Listen to the Interview

What does a language teacher, intercultural coach, and communication skills trainer do?

I often get that question and was able to answer it on the Brian Rusk ESPN Radio Show ‘The Rusk Report’. Brian also spoke with Al Zucaro about our webinar series for the World Trade Center Palm Beach.

Click here to listen:

https://www.radio.com/espn1520/hosts/the-rusk-report-with-brian-rusk (scroll down to March 28th, 2021)

Recording of my Webinar

Cross-cultural Communication and Global DISC 

When communicating with others, what is more important – culture or personality?

by Renata Urban

Did you miss my webinar? The recording is now available online:

Learn more about personality, culture, cross-cultural communication, intercultural competence, Global DISC, and how to communicate successfully with others. In collaboration with the World Trade Center Palm Beach, I am offering a webinar series on cross-cultural communication, intercultural competence, and international business.

To read the article (part 1), click here:


To read the article (part 2), click here:


Recording of my Webinar

Intercultural Communication 


I was invited by the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce to speak about what is culture and intercultural communication, how to build intercultural knowledge and competence for successful communication in international business and teams, and to provide stories, details, and examples about practical applications of intercultural communication.

Watch the recording here:

Join me for one of my FREE ONLINE Meetup Zoom sessions.

Group 1: FREE ONLINE International Language and Culture Meetup Group

This group of like-minded polyglots and global citizens meets online every last Friday of the month. Our upcoming meetings in September and October 2021 will be on:

Fri,  September 24th (1-3pm EDT)
Fri, October 29th (1-3pm EDT)

I usually present a language and culture related topic, which leads to comments, questions, and group discussions. We cover topics related to multi-lingualism, different countries and cultures, relocating, or experiences abroad, and we share stories and help each other with recommendations, tips and tricks. Everybody is welcome!

If we have enough participants who speak another language and want to practice that language, I split the group into breakout rooms according to participants’ languages and interests.

SPECIAL TOPICS for each month:

Have you experienced culture shock when moving from one place to another or even when starting a new job in a new company? What is culture shock and can it be avoided or at least mitigated? I will provide some interesting insights from the perspective of an intercultural coach and someone who has moved and changed jobs a lot. I would also like to invite you to share your experiences and insights with the other participants. Come and join us to find out how to turn culture shock into the experience of a lifetime!

Diversity is a natural occurrence (age, gender, race, ethnicity, orientations, lifestyles, preferences, abilities, professions, experiences, nationalities, etc.), while inclusion is a conscious choice and effort. As a speaker on this topic and an intercultural and diversity coach, I can share a lot of background information on this topic as well as tips and tricks on how to manage diverse teams well. Of course, I would also like to hear from others what their experience with diversity & inclusion is at work and hear their stories and input.

Learn something new and share your experiences with others.

Interested? Click on the link above, become a member of my MeetUp group, and register for a meeting. All meetings are ONLINE  (Zoom) and FREE.

Group 2: FREE ONLINE Meetup Language Club (German, ESL. TOEFL/ IELTS)

I offer different free language courses on this platform. Currently available is the following course:

FREE weekly ONLINE German beginners course

started on Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

will run throughout the year almost every Saturday (2:30pm EDT – 3:30pm EDT)

We started from scratch in January. If you already have some basic knowledge of German, you can still join the group. I also provide ‘newcomers’ with free course materials to catch-up, and one-on-one paid training sessions on request.

These free sessions are my way of giving back to the community and offering an opportunity to practice a foreign language in a safe, professional, and fun environment.

Interested? Click on the link above, become a member of my MeetUp group, and receive news about new groups throughout 2021. All meetings are ONLINE (Zoom) and FREE.

Global DISC Assessment, Report, and Coaching Session

From $300

Contact me for details:


It is an ICF accredited, multi award-winning behavioral model explaining how personality type AND cultural background influence all three layers of identity: WHAT, HOW, and WHY: WHAT we do, HOW we behave, and WHY we act, feel, and think the way we do.

Companies (executives, colleagues, international teams,  individuals) and private individuals/ couples.

Self-awareness is always the first step in successful communication at home and abroad, in business or in your private life, for yourself or for teambuilding. This is particularly important for virtual teams and businesses collaborating online. The lack of in-person contact makes trust and relationship building and communicating successfully even more important these days. Once you understand WHY you feel, behave, and react in a certain way, you can avoid conflicts with others, benefit from improved collaboration with others, and build successful teams. The intercultural aspect of Global DISC is particularly important for international teams, companies that have subsidiaries and/ or clients abroad, or individuals who work in an international environment.

The cost for one person is $300, $450 for two people, and $600 for three people. Prices for 4+ people and teams on request.
You will get access to an online questionnaire and you will receive an extensive report (approx. 40 pages) with your personal profile. In addition to that, you will get a 90-minute Zoom coaching session with me: a certified Global DISC practitioner and highly experienced intercultural and communication skills coach. This debrief will enable you to understand your Global DISC report and start your journey of communicating successfully with others. You will also get free access to a 3-month online training program to hone in on your newly acquired skills. Additional reports (country comparisons and comparisons with others), team debriefings, teambuilding sessions, and other more in-depths coaching sessions are available on request for an additional charge.



Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times

by Csaba Toth

FREE Webinar


Mon, August 9th, 2021

10:00am – 11:00am EST

The uncommon mindset and Global DISC – the webinar is about sharing the latest insights, solutions and results. It is designed for coaches, trainers, consultants and leaders who want to be able to bring out the best in themselves, their team and clients.

The Culture Chat (bi-/ tri-weekly) hosted by the Interchange Institute

FREE platform for intercultural trainers and those working in an intercultural environment

Different topics every time.

Watch a video of a recent culture chat in which I participated:


Learn more about the Interchange Institute:


Next Meeting (after the summer break):

Wed, August 4th, 2021 (10:00 am – 11:00am EDT)

Parenting third-culture kids 


Articles on International Business and Cross-cultural Communication on the WTCPB website

As a partner of the World Trade Center Palm Beach (WTCPB) and a contributor, I am publishing articles on the WCTPB website on a regular basis starting January 2021. All articles are about international business, cross-cultural communication, and related topics. The articles will be accessible from my WTCPB profile page:


Read my articles here:






What I wish my Japanese colleagues knew about working as a foreigner in Japan


Speaking multiple languages at home – a speech and language therapist talks about bilingualism


Book recommendation (Diversity & Inclusion)

Use your difference to make a difference by Tayo Rockson

The best description of the book are Tayo’s own words about his book. He says: “The goal of Use Your Difference to Make a Difference is to strengthen self-awareness, acknowledge biases, connect with others in a meaningful way, and celebrate the differences around us all. […] This book is a roadmap for navigating the path towards moral courage, compassion, and accountability. […] Culturally intelligent communicators realize that not everyone views the world through the same cultural lens, they do not perpetuate biases and stereotypes. […] This book provides you with the knowledge and the practical skills to transcend barriers, bridge cultures, and cultivate strong relationships with anyone, anywhere.”

Book recommendation (in German)

I think I spider (Ich glaube ich spinne) by Andreas Hock


This is a brilliant and quite entertaining book for everyone who speaks German or knows someone who does and would like to surprise them with a neat little gift. This well-researched and skillfully written read pokes fun at the unstoppable rise of the English language and its invasion of the German language. Readers can also enjoy funny comparisons of both languages including cognates and false friends, misunderstood translations, and failed attempts of advertising messages in English used in Germany. Enjoy reading!

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