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About Renata

My name is Renata. I was born in Germany, and I grew up traveling on a train across Europe thanks to my dad’s job and my parents’ passion for traveling. I have spent most of my life in Germany, the UK, Italy, and the US, which has obviously had a significant impact on my cultural perceptions and the languages I speak. But I have also been influenced by other languages I have learned – or tried to learn, places I have visited, people I have worked with, and friendships I have made. Therefore, I would have to add Ireland, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico as countries whose people and culture have also influenced me a lot over the years. Working with people from all over the world has provided me with an opportunity to listen and learn, develop an understanding for other cultures, and become the trainer I am today.

About Renata Urban

I speak German and English (native proficiency), Italian and French (upper intermediate proficiency), and some Spanish (basic proficiency). I also have a basic understanding of Portuguese, and I have had my fair share of attempts making myself familiar with Russian and Japanese. Even though I wish I were able to communicate in all these languages, I am only able to do so absolutely fluently in English and German, pretty well in Italian and French given the benevolence of the Italian or French native speaker, and I manage to get by in Spanish given the kind understanding of the native Spanish speaker. I extend that same benevolence and kind understanding to my students who wish to learn another language, because I have been in their shoes and I understand how hard it is.


I have a language, business, and training background, have worked for a variety of international companies and organizations, and I have lived and worked in and with a multitude of countries. After I had moved from England to Florida more than a decade ago, I started working as a full-time trainer and coach and started my own training business shortly afterwards: URBAN Training and Services, Inc.

My business is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and making a difference in people’s lives by improving their language, intercultural, and communication skills and by helping them succeed in today’s global market. I work with companies, training organizations, and private individuals. I offer intercultural training (cultural awareness training, country-specific training, relocation support, workshops for groups, coaching for individuals, cultural assessment/ personality profile), language training (English/ ESL, German, Italian/ French for beginners, test preparation), and communication skills training (presentation skills and public speaking, negotiations, team building, coaching, interviewing). As a native speaker of English and German, I also offer translation and interpretation services in these two languages.

My friend and colleague Moraima also offers Spanish language lessons (all proficiency levels), English language lessons in Spanish for Spanish-speakers and intercultural training for the Hispanic world in either English or Spanish. Check out her profile on my “Partners” page:


I am based in South Florida (US, Eastern Time), offer all my services online (Zoom, Skype, etc.) to clients all over the world, and will travel to your location in the US and abroad for projects that require in-person training and coaching.

If you are not sure whether I can help you, please contact me for a free online or phone consultation to discuss your needs and expectations.

I look forward to meeting you!

About Renata Urban

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