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Intercultural Training

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Intercultural Training

The services I offer include:

  • One-on-one intercultural coaching
  • Intercultural awareness training for groups
  • International team-building support and events
  • Building cross-cultural competence
  • Cultural and personality profiling (Global DISC); see video below for more information
  • Team-specific/ country-specific cross-cultural training (US, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, and more)
  • Pre- and/ or post-relocation intercultural training and support for individuals
    • Outbound services (relocation advice, language and intercultural training before going abroad)
    • Inbound services (local destination services and support, language and intercultural training upon arrival in South Florida)
    • Repatriation support (returning expats)

Or join my free ESL/ Culture/ Expat Meetup group every last Friday of the month. For more details, click here: https://renataurbantraining.com/events-and-news/ or contact me directly: https://renataurbantraining.com/contact/

While my biggest cultural influence comes from Germany, the UK, Italy, and the US, I have also gained extensive knowledge from working with other European countries (Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Finland), South and Central American countries (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico), as well as other countries, such as Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, and Canada.

Intercultural training and coaching may include but is not limited to:

  • a pre-course analysis and needs assessment
  • a pre-course questionnaire for all participants
  • creating a pre-course culture and personality profile using Global DISC (an ICQ Global tool), CultureActive (a Richard Lewis Communications training tool), Culture Compass (a Hofstede training tool), or Erin Meyer’s county/ team mapping and personal profiling tool (extra charge)
  • Unlock the potential within your team: measure, visualize, and optimize the three invisible forces that make or break a team: cognitive diversity, motivational drive, and psychological safety with Global DISC and the Growth 2.0 Program
  • team-building activities based on cultural differences/ profiles
  • an opportunity to exchange cultural experiences
  • a course manual/ handouts/ supplementary information
  • tailored content and hands-on situational advice
  • a variety of activities, role-plays, and situational discussions
  • an introduction to what culture is
  • an opportunity to explore one’s own culture and personality, other cultures, and to compare cultures (culture congruence vs. culture differentiation)
  • an introduction to a variety of models, concepts, and cultural dimensions
  • guidelines on how to build intercultural competence
  • additional activities to experience intercultural differences in areas such as agreeing and disagreeing, politeness and how not to accidentally offend others, prospecting and negotiating, persuading, meetings, scheduling, problem solving, decision making, conflict management, giving negative feedback, leading and motivating employees, building relationships, building trust, working in intercultural teams, etc.
Intercultural Training

Getting adjusted to a new culture

Listen to this Podcast about adaptation to different cultures, intercultural communication, and how to communicate more effectively across cultures. I was initerviewed by Doreen Cumberford for her Nomadic Diaries Podcast. You can listen to our conversation about living and working in different countries and getting adjusted to a new culture here:


Intercultural Training

Contact me for a
free consultation /
needs analysis

Invite me as a speaker


  • One-on-one coaching: from $150/ hr
  • Full and half-day cultural awareness and/ or  teambuilding group courses: from $1,500 (excluding Global DISC fees)
  • Team and country specific group courses: on request
  • Global DISC per person/ per team: on request
  • Relocation (expat/ repat) support: on request

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